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Wood Glue

This is one of the most popular woodworking adhesives, as it will provide moderate moisture resistance, colorless gluelines, and a wide variety of properties through multiple formations. It is not a good gap filler, In gaps, it will crystallize and crumble in time, so the joints must fit well. Although often cured in minutes at high temperature, it can be formulated to cure at room temperature Glue joints made with consolidant solutions were not as strong as those made with a polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive, but adhesive qualities were judged excellent provided a suitable solvent was used. Choice of solvent was found to be the most important factor, with superior performance of polar as compared to nonpolar solvents.

  • Appearance: Milky White
  • Application: Wood Adhesive

Ultra Bond

Ultrabond is grey tape with a heavy duty adhesive system which utilises the high performance adhesive for excellent long term holding power specifically designed for permanent adhesive fixing. Ultrabond has an exceptionally high specification in terms of thermal, dynamic and chemical qualities and can often be used in place of screws, rivets, welding, clips and other permanent fasteners. including most metal & painted steel, sealed wood and glass as well as many plastics, composites and painted surfaces Ultra Bond right here in Grand Junction Colorado is the original inventor of the process to repair and make. The Ultra Bond patented process is used world-wide.

  • Appearance: Milky White
  • Application: Water base adhesive for packaging industries


  • PVC Solvent cement supreme quality
  • Heavy Bodied Medium Set

Shelf Life: 3 Years
Available Sizes: 250 ML, 500 ML

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